Lake Imuta Park



Imuta Lake is situated in a prefectural natural park and boasts a circumference of around 4 km. The lake is encircled by seven volcanic lakes and outer ring mountains, providing a breathtaking natural landscape. Visitors can also marvel at the Japanese Natural Monument called "Floating Island." The lake is a sight to behold in spring, with beautiful flowers in bloom, and in autumn, the fiery red maple trees are a feast for the eyes. Adorable birds perched on the trees are also a delight to watch. Every year in February, the plum blossom marathon is held, and a grand fireworks festival is organized in August. These lively summer activities add a fresh dimension to the serene atmosphere of Imuta Lake.

For those who enjoy outdoor sports, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out, the outer ring loop trail is a must-try. This trail is about 4.5 kilometers long, takes about four hours to complete, and has several descent points. After completing the climb, be sure to indulge in the natural hot springs, take a boat ride on Imuta Lake, and go for a bike ride to make the most of your visit.



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