Discover Japan on a Budget: How to Maximize the Domestic Travel Discount Program

Thanks to the "Domestic Travel Discount Program," residents of Japan can enjoy traveling across the country at an affordable price. The good news is that the program has been extended until March 2023! This initiative was launched by the Japanese government to boost local tourism, and it's not limited to Japanese citizens. Even foreigners with a status of residence in Japan can take advantage of the program! Kagoshima Prefecture has also updated its discount details for 2023. So, don't miss out on the chance to travel with these last-minute deals!


What is "Domestic Travel Discount Program(全国旅行支援)"?

In brief, the program is available to those with a valid residence status in Japan who have either received three doses of a government-approved vaccine or have a valid PCR-negative certificate. The discount covers accommodations in Satsumasendai and also offers additional discounts when visiting the Koshiki Islands. If you're planning to travel to Kagoshima, be sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity for great discounts!

All you need to know about the travel discount in Kagoshima!

Terms of Use

  • The discount promotion is valid for stays between January 10 (Tuesday) and March 31, 2023 (check-out by April 1, Saturday).
  • Foreigners with a valid residence status in Japan, including Kagoshima residents, can enjoy this promotion.
  • A vaccination record of three doses or a valid PCR test certificate is required for eligibility.
  • For children under the age of 12, a vaccine or negative certificate is not necessary when accompanied by a guardian who holds a valid vaccine or negative certificate.

Details (2023 version)

Eligible ProductsTravel packages within Kagoshima prefecture
that cost over 5,000 yen on weekdays and over 2,000 yen on holidays are eligible for this promotion.
Upon purchasing qualified travel products, you will receive coupons offering discounts that can be used at select souvenir shops and restaurants.
Discountmax. 20% off
Discount limitTravel packages
5,000 yen / per person per night
remote island area 8,000 yen / per person per night

Acommodation only
3,000 yen / per person per night
remote island area 5,000 yen / per person per night

Day trip
3,000 yen / per person per trip
1,000 yen / per person per night

2,000 yen / per person per night
(*3,000 yen/person per night for some facilities)

Change to e-coupons from 2023.

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