Taste all local cuisines in one place! Must-go food stalls near the Chuo Station


A must go food stall near the station!

Looking for the best dining spot in Kagoshima City? Look no further than Kagomma Furusato Yataimura, located right next to JR Kagoshima Chuo Station.

This lively eatery offers an authentic atmosphere and cuisine, and provides the perfect opportunity to connect with locals without worrying about language barriers. But that's not all – with many shops open late into the night, it's the perfect place for a dinner or late-night snack. Make sure to add Furusato Yatai Village to your itinerary for a truly immersive dining experience in Kagoshima City.

The Yatamura has been relocated to the underground just outside the JR station, providing a worry-free dining experience even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Convenient and Delicious: New "Yataimura", the All-Indoor Food Court Near Amu Plaza and JR station

Experience the newly renovated Yataimura, an all-indoor underground food court conveniently connected to JR Kagoshima Chuo Station. Located just outside the Amu Plaza, it's the perfect spot for a meal before or after shopping. With 18 stores from all over Kagoshima Prefecture, you can enjoy a variety of local cuisine without leaving the underground mall.

We visited the restaurant "SATSUMA" from Satsumasendai City, and were delighted to find that the lively atmosphere of the food court village remains unchanged even after its renovation.🍻🍻The small shops were bustling with locals enjoying drinks and lively conversation. Don't miss out on this vibrant dining experience!

There are limited seats available, but this creates an opportunity for interaction between customers and staff.

Taste all Satsumasendai foods here! "SATSUMA"

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Kagoshima Prefecture at "SATSUMA," where they serve traditional Japanese hot pot using the freshest ingredients. Bonito flakes from Yakushima, vegetables, and the renowned Kurobuta pork are just some of the premium ingredients used to create this hearty dish. Simply add the pork to the simmering broth and savor the blend of soy sauce and yuzu pepper, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

The hot pot comes in a compact size, and guests can opt to order the meat and other ingredients separately according to their preference.
The eatery sources its black pork from Iriki area of Satsumasendai City, and the photo displays a 100g serving.
The menu offers three size options: Small (100g) for 1,280 yen, Medium (150g) for 1,680 yen, and Large (200g) for 1,980 yen.
A serving size of 100g is perfect for those with a smaller appetite, while those with heartier appetites may want to consider ordering a slightly larger portion.
The tofu dish on the a la carte menu is made using ingredients sourced from Satsumsendai, resulting in a dense texture that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. 480 yen


Japanese Nameかごっまふるさと屋台村
Address鹿児島県鹿児島市中央町11 鹿児島中央ターミナルビル 地下1F
Opening hours【SATSUMA】
Lunch(weekdays only): 11:30~14:00(LO13:30)
The first Monday and third Thursday

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