3 Winter Activities to Experience in Satsumasendai City


3 Winter Activities Recommendation in Satsumasendai!

Although Satsumasendai may not seem like the ideal destination for winter travel due to the frigid temperatures and the unpredictable ferry service to Koshiki Islands, there are actually plenty of exciting winter activities to experience in the city. In fact, some of these activities are unique and can't be found in any other cities in Japan!

Handmade Baumkuchen

How about trying your hand at baking Baumkuchen over an open fire during the winter season? In the city of Satsumasendai, which boasts abundant bamboo resources, you can cozy up by a warm bamboo campfire and savor this delectable dessert. With the assistance of the locals, you can prepare the bamboo sticks and cake batter, and then roast it over the flames. After the Baumkuchen is cooked to perfection, gather around the campfire with your loved ones to enjoy its hot and fragrant taste. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience on your travels!

Traditional japanese Rice Cooking Experience

How about trying the traditional way of cooking rice in an old-fashioned oven to warm up during your trip? A skilled rice craftsman will guide you on how to arrange firewood in the traditional furnace called "Kamado", and you can also try using the rare "firefuki bamboo". You can get fragrant and clear rice in the result, and you can pair it with the delicious miso soup and side dishes provided at the shop. Don't miss this heartwarming experience during your stay.

Transform into a Samurai Warrior!

Marutake Industry, the world-renowned armor maker that holds an impressive 90% market share, has established a prominent presence in Satsumasendai City. Not only has Marutake set up a workshop in the city, but the company has also built a castle and a castle town that rivals the cinematic location! If you're looking to take pictures in the stunning Japanese garden but don't want to brave the cold weather without a coat, Marutake offers a solution: you can rent a simple samurai costume for under 1000 yen per person. The dressing process is quick and easy, and the cost performance is unbeatable!

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