Yanagiyama Agricultural Land



Yanagiyama Agricultural Land is a 3 hectare park with flora like as cosmos, daffodils, hydrangea, cherry blossoms, rapeseed, maple, and ginkgo, and you may enjoy the magnificent view of each season. Aside from the natural beauty, the park also has a variety of leisure facilities, such as a local vegetable store and log cabins for relaxing.

There is also a hiking trail in the park that leads to a mountain 600 meters above sea level. If the weather is clear, you can view Sakurajima and the Kirishima mountain range, as well as the Takachiho mountain range. This is also one of the locations where the "Sendai River Fog" may be seen.

  • The restaurant and cafe are only open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays (every day during the event period)
  • Around 200 parking lots available
  • Vending machines available
  • Toilets available



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