Yohagi Maruyama Park



Yohagi Maruyama Park is located on the northwest side of Shimo-koshiki Island. It is the greatest place to observe the island's biggest cliff, "Kashima Cliff." The earliest part of the cliffs dates from the Cretaceous Period, 80 million years ago. In addition to the gorgeous scenery, the area's unique geology makes it more important academically. The Kashima Cliff, which is around 200 meters high, stands right opposite the observatory. You may appreciate the beauty of flowers and plants such as kanoko lilies at different times of the year



Japanese NameYohagi Maruyama Park
Address〒 896-1301 鹿児島県薩摩川内市鹿島町
AccessFrom each area on Koshiki Islands
■45 minutes from Sato port by car.
■10 minutes from Kashima port by car.
■35 minutes from Nagahama port by car.
■55 minutes from Teuchi port by car.
Tel09969-5-1800 Shimo-koshiki Island Tourist Centre
FareFree parking
Free admission

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